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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lynn Lectures

The Salt Lake City Affiliate ofSusan G. Komen for the Cure® presents

The Lynn Lectures
"Beyond Just Surviving: How to Thrive after Cancer"
Featuring Susan Bauer-Wu, PH.D., RN
With Heidi Marble
Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 7:00pm
Huntsman Cancer Institute Auditorium, Sixth Floor
Tickets: $7.00 per person

Register by sending your check made payable to the Komen Salt Lake City Affiliate at PO Box 522320, SLC, UT 84152. Phone reservations with credit card orders can be made by calling 801-446-2980 and leaving a message.

A pre-lecture reception with Susan Bauer-Wu and Heidi Marble in the fourth floor conference room will also be held at 5:30pm requiring a minimum donation of $25.00.
Beyond Just Surviving: How to Thrive After Cancer

Thriving beyond the diagnosis and treatment of cancer will be the essence of this presentation that will certainly inspire cancer survivors, families and the general public. Based on scientific research, observations and interviews with individuals who have transcended devastating life circumstances, particularly remarkable cancer survivors who have lived fully and 'beat the odds', Susan Bauer-Wu will describe a prescription for how to thrive after cancer. Then, Heidi Marble will share her incredible journey and how she continues to thrive 8 years after the diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer. With touching stories, beautiful images, poetry, and practical suggestions, Susan and Heidi will set the stage for hope and inspiration.
The 2008 Lynn Lectures feature Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, RN, a highly regarded lecturer, researcher and retreat facilitator. From 2001 to 2007, she was instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and served as director of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Phyllis F. Cantor Center for Research in Nursing & Patient Care Services. In her role at Dana-Farber, she led research efforts aimed to improve both the quality of life and quality of care for cancer patients, with a particular focus on breast cancer patients. In 2007, she was selected for Distinguished Cancer Scholar of the Georgia Cancer Coalition, while beginning a new position as Associate Professor, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University. She is the principal investigator of a large randomized, controlled trial funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), currently conducted at Dana-Farber and Emory, evaluating the bio-behavioral effects of mindfulness meditation for cancer patients.
The Lynn Lectures was established to honor the life and spirit of Lynn Tucker Grogan, an ordained minister who, during her battle with breast cancer, promoted the importance of the interrelation of body and mind in the healing process. She inspired others by her fortitude, compassion and ability to live an incredibly full life with joy and grace. Lynn wrote in her journal, "Cancer has been my search engine on a magnificent and intricate spiritual journey." The purpose of the Lynn Lectures is to further Lynn's exploration and provide a forum to help others become proactive participants in their own healing.


Books Available

Ginny and I (Erin) have collected a bunch of really great breast cancer related books and would love to share them with anyone interested in reading...Just leave a comment here on the blog and we'll arrange getting you the book!

Here's the list:

Finding the “CAN” in Cancer
By Nancy Emerson, Pam Leight, Susan Boonan and Terri Schinazi

Fighting for our future- How Young Women Find Strength, Hope, and Courage While Taking Control of Breast Cancer-
Forward by Ann Curry of the Today Show
By Beth Murphy

Voices of Breast Cancer- The Haling Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort & Strength
Edited by the Healing Project

Just a Lump in the Road- Reflections of Young Breast Cancer Survivors
By Debbie Leifert, Gina Castronova, Dr. Tamara Brennan, Jackie Ehrilich, Cindy Goldberg, & Donna Palmisciano

Breast Cancer Survivor Fitness Plan
By Carolyn M. Kaelin, M.D., M.P.H.

Facing the Mirror With Cancer- A Guide to using Make-up to Make a Difference
By Lori Ovitz and Joanne Kabak

Breast Cancer Husband-- How to Help your Wife and (Yourself) Through Diagnosis, Treatment, & Beyond
By Marc Silver

First You Cry- The Classic Inspiring Story of One Woman’s Triumph Over Breast Cancer
By Betty Rollin

The Middle Place- A Memoir of Kelly’s battle with breast cancer
By Kelly Corrigan

Crazy, Sexy, Cancer Tips-
By Kris Carr--Forward by Sheryl Crow

Tools & Tips From the Trenches- Heartfelt Advice for Survivors Families & Friends
By Mary Olsen Kelly

Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul
By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, & Mary Olsen Kelly

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